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L&AThe body is one of the key factors that drive the multi-billion dollar company of the NFL. You probably have heard the expression, the NFL, meaning Not For Long. The truth is that the life of a NFL athlete is very short. I believe the average year of the NFL athlete is around 3 years, if that. My body is something that I take pride in taking care of, whether its buying vitamins, stretching, or even going to the Chiropractor. The most important aspect I believe to be is keeping your body flexible and loose. Having tight muscles and achy joints in something you do not want while trying to run down the biggest and fastest running backs of this league. Going to a massage therapist is a key factor in making the most of my NFL career in my opinion. I play better and quicker when my body is more relaxed and loose. Brad Jefferies has been a key player in my success so far with competing with the best with the San Francisco 49ers. He has done more than I could ever have asked for and I will continue to acquire his services as long as I am on the west coast. He has helped me stay healthy and energetic towards my constant goal of playing in the NFL. Thank you Brad Jefferies!Nathan Stupar

L&AVery friendly and patient doctor who truly cares about her patients’ health. If you are looking for a chiropractor, we highly recommend her!”L&A

As a Critical Care Nurse in a teaching hospital, I have watched many new doctors try and learn skills that Dr. May has command of with her many years of experience. In addition to her professionalism and wonderful clinical skills, she is also compassionate and caring. Her empathy to my injuries and approachable demeanor helped create a relaxing clinical environment that is both inviting and comfortable…. As an active cyclist and athlete herself, she understands my NEED and DESIRE to return to my active lifestyle. Dr. May has allowed me to continue with my life’s passions. Payton W

When I first started seeing Dr. May, I had lots of low back pain and was unable to sit in a chair for extended periods of time. I would have to stand in class and had lots of nerve pain. Additionally, my back would go out every so often. Since incorporating Chiropractic health into my life, I am able to sit for extended periods of time without any pain, I no longer have nerve pain (sciatica) and I have overall better spine health…. I swear by Dr. May. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and has been one of the best chiropractors I have ever seen.Judi O.

When I was closer to 60 than 80 years old, I discovered chiropractic and May Cheung. Since then, I’ve been having regular adjustments and am convinced that my general good health at age 80 owes much to my visits. I’ve never experienced any pain at May’s, just relief from it. She knows an amazing amount about the body and how it functions, and what’s more, can explain it to me. She has that magic sense of touch which detects misalignments and gently corrects them.Jo F.

Dr Cheung and her massage therapist Brad saved my once-in-a-lifetime trip to ride in Belgium and France. My back went haywire about a week out from departure and I spent several days using the old advil and rest technique to no avail – so I went to see Dr Cheung and she took x-rays to diagnose the problem then gave me 3 or 4 rounds of care over the next few days and suggested I see Brad for some deep tissue massage. I saw Brad twice in two days, along with a visit to my physical therapist, and got on the plane the next morning with significant improvement. Once in Belgium I had zero issues and was able to ride over 300 miles over cobbled terrain with no pain or other issues…truly miraculous! Thanks Dr Cheung and Brad for all the help and attention!Matt M.

As a long time patient of Dr May Cheung, I would like to laud her energy, caring and compassion which she gave to me and my aunt for our pain care. Treatment to reduce pain and education for prevention of further injury was achieved! I will always seek her excellent chiropractic care when needed!Mirabelle L.

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